Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

A single and unified approach to cybersecurity – from core infrastructure to endpoints and all the data and assets in between.


What is Managed XDR?

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ECI’s Managed XDR enables a proactive approach to threat detection and response by delivering visibility across all cloud, networks, endpoints, and data from a single platform. Combined with SOAR, this can augment and optimize SOCs by automating threat investigation and response workflows and liberate experts to focus on incidents that merit human intervention.

XDR benefits
An evolution of existing SIEM services, XDR provides the same statistical analysis of aggregated data to identify anomalies, patterns, and trends that indicate a security risk, but can also pull in external threat intelligence feeds, as well as data from endpoint and network security software.

Solution highlights

  • A single solution to cover every area of the NIST framework.
  • Integrate third-party data and APIs into a single view of threats.
  • Iteratively strengthen security processes through rule development.
  • Endpoint analysis to discover weak configurations and recommend improvements.
Managed XDR


Complex infrastructures introduce new threats

Managed XDR

The growth of networks, endpoints, applications, and services are a necessary part of transformation. But they also create new vulnerabilities for threat actors to exploit. Firms need to respond with a solution that sees and covers every aspect of their business.


Complete visibility to proactively detect and respond

  • Warning

    A unified incident platform


    Track and risk score cybersecurity threats across any source or location.


    Holistic threat view


    Understand your threat posture in near real-time, supported by threat feed APIs.

  • rocket

    Rapid response


    Automated threat response with 24x7x365 SOC teams to collect and analyze event information.

Zero Networks


Zero Networks

Leave no area of your business unprotected
A managed solution that covers every area of the business, including cloud, networks, endpoints, and data from a single platform.

Adapt to new threats
Create custom alert definitions based on industry best practices, regulatory compliance requirements, and your needs.

Extend and augment your cyber capabilities
Our platform can actively become part of and enhance your internal teams, providing resources, skills, and capacity.


  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

    Stop threat actors in their tracks

    A comprehensive program that provides complete insight on your overall security, with insights to enhance security postures by reviewing, contextualizing, and enhancing controls.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Prevent account takeover

    Enhance data protection and reduce the risk of account takeover. We monitor the dark web to see if assets are exposed and provide immediate notification.

  • Phishing and Training

    Strengthen your human firewall

    Test how your employee respond to phishing attacks through controlled simulations, with actionable insights for continued education.


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