Introducing ELLA, The First Large Language Application Purpose Built for Financial Services

A year ago this month, OpenAI released ChatGPT and quickly established generative AI and large language models (LLMs) as must-have tools for enterprise growth and modernization. Yet for all the excitement and rapid adoption, many industries still struggle to strike the balance of security necessary to leverage LLMs to maximize efficiency.

For financial services organizations, specifically alternative investment firms, this challenge is eliminated with today’s unveiling of the cutting-edge ECI Large Language Application (ELLA) managed platform. The first secure large language model application for the alternative financial market, ELLA will enable agencies bound by strict security requirements to leverage governed and compliant AI insights.


ELLA - The First Secure LLM Application for Alternative Investment Firms

ELLA offers financial organizations the ability to leverage ECI’s groundbreaking large language application within a secure, managed environment. With ELLA, ECI clients control the access, use and creation of materials and data-driven outputs from large language models such as ChatGPT.

Specifically designed for highly regulated alternative financial services organizations, ELLA is a game-changer for hedge funds, private equity firms and corporate or private banking institutions. ELLA can securely generate analysis, market evaluations, bespoke recommendations by using AI to leverage large quantities of data; it can also automate time consuming tasks and derive real-time, actionable insights for demanding users and customers. 

Because it deploys specific controls over the inputs, outputs and usage of AI, ELLA brings real-time visibility and governance to AI processes. As a result, firms gain more transparency into where and how AI is working with organizational data and systems, and more traceability and quality assurance around AI workflows and insights. 


ELLA’s Key Features and Powerful Benefits 

ELLA is packed with features and capabilities that allow financial institutions to leverage LLMs for major innovation and business acceleration. Dynamic dashboards provide a granular, yet holistic view of AI processes and interactions for full management visibility – from custom reports and setting data rules, to monitoring for rule violations. ELLA also leverages a precision Retrieval with Augmented Grounding (RAG) feature that ensures AI responses are born from your own data and deliver precise, context-aware answers and recommendations. 

These features allow AI to be used in more responsible, secure and targeted ways in the organization. And as financial landscapes shift and new challenges emerge, the application is built to adapt – ensuring you will always have cutting-edge tools at your disposal. Throughout, automated monitoring allows deviations and potential concerns to be flagged for immediate or proportional response, guaranteeing seamless system operation and consistent compliance.

For ECI clients, ELLA can deliver strong insights and better decision support from your company’s own data to drive increased efficiency from your workforce. By streamlining data analysis and automating routine queries, ELLA allows teams to concentrate on more strategic tasks. It all happens in a highly secure environment that ensures strict adherence to regulatory standards, so you can harness AI's power without compromising data integrity or compliance.

ECI is proud to bring ELLA to market as an industry-first resource that will help your business harness the power of AI to evolve, grow and adapt. Learn more about ELLA and how ECI can help you leverage AI for your business!

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